Icon Pop Brand answers, tips, cheats and hints for all levels. Here you’ll find a list of all the different levels with tips, hints, and answers so users can gain the most points, and then beat all levels. Icon Pop Brand answers have been broken down into levels, and hints. Icon Pop Brand has five different levels with a wide variety of popular brand names from around the world to guess. For each level, there is three sections (except for the first level, where there is only one section consisting of 16 brands to guess) with a total of 48 brands to guess in no specific order.Each user is provided a picture for every part of the level, and each picture will be specific to the name/answer of the brand. While a user may (for the most part) spell the name of a brand incorrectly, they will not receive the full amount of points for every correctly answered picture. However, if a user answers a picture correctly with no spelling errors and in an orderly-fashioned time, they shall receive the full amount of points for a given answer (100). And yes, Icon Pop Brand does provide you five different types of helpful guides to get you through the game, it’ll cost you a lot. So allow us to be your new and improved helpful hand.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5


Formula One




Fisherman’S Friend



La Coste

Tag Heuer





Don Perignon