40xescape by bontegames is a basic escape game for iPhone, android, iPod touch, and iPad users. 40x escape walkthrough has all cheats and answers for all levels of 40x escape. To play this game you must solve the different puzzles presented by each level to unlock the door and escape to the next level. The door will only unlock when all the letters above the door spell ‘ESCAPE’ and are lit up. 40xescape walkthrough will take you through each level with detailed hints, cheats, and pictures. It’s a great game to warm up too for other puzzle games and apps, free, and family friendly. Get playing today and let us know what you think. 

40x Escape Level 26

Click the letters about the doorway in this order: S, E, E, P, A, C.

40x Escape Level 27

Notice the sign that says 4×4. Click the first four buttons four times each to the right of the door.

40x Escape Level 28

Hold the button to the right of the door for awhile. When you release quickly all the letters above the door will lit up and you can enter.

40x Escape Level 29

Change the middle number to read 4. The three buttons will then be 0, 4, 0.

40x Escape Level 30

Click the left button to select a letter, and click the right button to make the letter light up. Click the buttons in this order to enter, left 1x, right 1x, left 2x, right 1x, left 3x, right 1x, left 4x, right 1x, left 5x, right 1x, left 6x, right 1x.